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Compassionate care from a woman to a woman

Dr Veronica Grassi
Consultant Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon.

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Consultant Oncoplastic & Reconstructive Breast Surgeon

Dr Veronica Grassi

My ethos is centred around personalised care with the ultimate goal of reducing the impact of treatment on breast aesthetics and quality of life.


We tailor breast disease risk assessment,  prioritize proactive health.

Stay informed, self-check regularly, seek help early for better breast health.
Self-checks, guidance improve breast health, survival. Early action crucial.

Regular breast self-exams are vital for early detection and maintaining breast health.

Explore our comprehensive breast surgery options tailored to enhance both aesthetics and well-being

Breast reconstruction restores shape post-surgery, a personal for self-image.

Explore tailored axillary surgery options for disease management and early cancer staging

Stay informed, self-check regularly, seek help early for better breast health.

Explore our risk-reducing breast surgery options, empowering you with proactive choices for breast health and peace of mind.


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    I think Veronica is the kind of doctor you should be hoping to find when dealing with breast cancer. very professional but also very human in her approach. I honestly think she’s great!


    Dr. Grassi is kind, empathetic and very soft. She is far by my best breast surgeon that I have visited. She is the queen in explanation and very patient.


    I had surgery with Dr Veronica she is amazing. Dr. Veronica is not just a lifesaver but als an artist with her scalpel and I will remain eternally grateful. She is a patient advocate fighting hard to get patient the treatment they need while doing her very best to help scared patients like myself see what they want and what their options really are. Thus enabling me to make the best choices for myself. Dr Veronica is highly skilled, compassionate, kind, caring and a wonderful person with an outstanding bed side manner. Her skill is exceptional and hard to match in UAE or anywhere in the world. I am recovering well and given the choice would put myself into her hands again should the need arise. Many heart felt thanks


    I have chosen Dr Veronica after having met other surgeons in the UAE and I am very happy with my choice. Great professionalism, empathy and availability. Her surgery was successful from all point of views, with clear margins and good aesthetic outcome. I would recommend Dr. Veronica to anyone needing surgery for breast cancer.


    A very very well experienced Dr. Nothing to much trouble and showed us a very high level of empathy in a very distressing time for us. Excellent